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Pop Music

Tuesday 13 Nov 20188:00pm Book Now

A Paines Plough and Birmingham Repertory Theatre production in association with Latitude Festival

For anyone that’s ever been a dick on the dance floor.

A wedding. A free bar. A blast from the past.

G and Kayla’s lives are a mess but tonight they’re determined to Have It Large. As their veins course with adrenaline and cheap prosecco we follow them on an epic journey through thirty years of Pop.

Can the DJ save them as they become Dancing Queens, reliving their Teenage Dream, Staying Out For The Summer and Spicing Up Their Lives? Pop makes promises it can’t keep, and soon they’ll discover they have more in common than their taste in tunes.  

Pop Music is an emotionally contagious rollercoaster by Bruntwood Prize winner Anna Jordan. A night at the theatre like no other.

The latest gig-theatre extravaganza from the producers of WITH A LITTLE BIT OF LUCK by Sabrina Mahfouz, HOPELESSLY DEVOTED and WASTED by Kate Tempest.


A Christmas Carol

Thursday 29 Nov 20188:00pm Book Now

In 1858, Charles Dickens toured Yorkshire and gave his renowned public reading of A Christmas Carol to rapturous applause. ‘The success was most wonderful and prodigious – perfectly overwhelming and astounding altogether!’ he said after the first night.

To celebrate the 160th anniversary of this momentous event you can experience what it must have been like to be in the audience! European Arts Company return with a delightfully heart-warming evening in the presence of the author himself as John O’Connor faithfully recreates Dickens’ stunning performance of his best-loved ghost story.

Come and enjoy a seasonal treat in the spirit of Christmas past, present and future.


A Hundred Different Words For Love

Friday 14 Dec 20188:00pm Book Now

“I’m aware there isn’t much art made about love, so I thought I’d wade in and nail the definitive article before anyone else tried to…”

Three years ago, James Rowland met the love of his life. A year ago, they broke up. This is James’ story of falling in love and landing broken hearted. It’s also about him being Best Man of Honour at Sarah and Emma’s wedding. And it’s the story of a quest: to find the right words to make sense of love. A hilarious, heart-lifting story of romance, despair, and friendship from one of the UK’s most acclaimed storytellers. Featuring live music, original songs and unoriginal emotions expressed through all the wrong words, A Hundred Different Words for Love is set to break hearts and put them back together across the country.

A huge critical hit at the Edinburgh Festival and winner of the VAULT Festival Best Show Award 2017, this is the follow up to James’ acclaimed, national sell-out tour Team Viking.