Selby Town Hall
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Saturday 17 Feb 20248:00pm Book Now

Pull on yer finest knitted gladrags, style your barnet, slip on those dancing shoes and bring your best singing voices, as we cordially invite you to witness the Greatest Show On Earth (in tank-tops)!

Founded in Barnsley Rock City in 2006 by their outspoken, energetic and enigmatic ringleader, Scott Doonican, The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican are on a mission! Far from being your typical folk ensemble, this cult-like collective of like-minded knit-wear enthusiasts are determined to follow in their spiritual father’s immortal footsteps and keep his legacy alive.

They have a talent for Bar-Stewardizing other famous people’s songs with new satirical comedy lyrics, on folk instruments, and to complete their outrageously understated image, this band of brothers-from-other-mothers have become instantly recognisable for their immaculate hair and their stylish choice of sexy knitwear.